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Handcrafted Jewelry Designer Based in Louisiana USA

Kat Prejean, a married mother of four, was born in the 1960's.  Forty-four years later, she made her first pair of earrings and started creating jewelry as a hobby. She began with simple beading designs before furthering her skills in the field and discovering her creative niche working with metals.

A native of south Louisiana, Prejean creates jewelry that is engaging, sophisticated, inviting, well-crafted and beautiful. Using metals as the main focal point, she complements her designs with colorful, semi-precious gemstones and many other natural materials, including freshwater pearls and leather.

Kat is proud to be an active contributor to Southwest Louisiana’s arts scene, right in the heart of Cajun Country. She is  a member of Louisiana Crafts Guild ( Lafayette Art Association (LAA) and Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi (

All of Kat Prejean Handcrafted Jewelry is created in her home studio using materials sourced in the USA.

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